Paradise Restaurant Luncheon Specials

Slice & Salad
A fresh slice of cheese pizza and a small dinner salad. 5.75, add one topping for .50 or 2 toppings or more for $1.00 more.

Cobb Salad
Fresh salad greens topped with grill chicken, bacon, eggs, sliced olives, cheddar cheese.9.99

Shepherd's Pie
Fresh ground beef and corn stewed together and served en casserole then topped with mashed potatoes and baked to perfection. 8.99

Luncheon Chicken Parmigiana
Fresh breaded chicken breast baked with mozzarella cheese and sauce and served over spaghetti. 9.99

Grinder of the Week - Sausage Italiano
Fresh sausage served on a grinder roll with garlic spread, roasted peppers, melted provolone cheese and toasted to perfection. 5.99 Add french fries $1.75

Broiled Chicken Melt
Fresh broiled chicken breast served on a hard roll with crispy bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and melted cheddar cheese with french fries.

Grilled Ham Deluxe
Fresh grilled ham served on a grilled roll with sautéed red onions and pineapple with melted Swiss cheese and honey mustard with french fries.

Fried Pickles



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